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Although science has made advances in understanding the long-term benefits of multisensorial stimulation, there is more to be done to translate this research into everyday practice.

It is understood that the environment in which a child grows up has a profound impact on sculpting the brain. In order to grow and develop, babies need stimulation and care. Everyday experiences in a baby’s life impact the development and stimulation of their senses.

Multisensorial stimulation is scientifically shown to support the healthy development of preterm and full term babies. Rituals such as bath time and massage are ideal opportunities for parents to create enriched multisensorial experiences. By encouraging parents to view the bath time ritual as an opportunity for multisensorial stimulation, lasting experiences can be created, contributing to overall healthy baby development.

Multisensory Stimulation

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Importance Of Everyday Rituals

Your baby's everyday activities could help stimulate her senses and enhance her learning experience, leading to healthy, happy development. Know more, here.

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