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Johnson & Johnson launches Laundry Detergent specially crafted for babies in India


Mumbai, June, 2017

Building on the commitment to meeting changing needs of young Indian mothers, leading baby care expert, JOHNSON’S® has introduced new JOHNSON’S® Baby Laundry Detergent range for its India and China markets. JOHNSON’S® has been consistently investing in innovations to meet the evolving needs of mums across ages & stages. India is the baby capital of the world with around 20 million babies being born every year, and this growing demographic of young parents makes India the perfect fit to experience the global innovations of JOHNSON’S® first. 

Research has shown that family detergents leave behind harsh residues which lead to various skin problems like rashes and skin allergies. Also, 40% mums have indicated that they wash their babies’ clothes with products beyond their family detergents indicating the clear need for a mild yet effective product. Taking the promise of holistic baby care further, the company has expanded its portfolio with Baby Laundry Detergent.

The science used in the Baby Laundry Detergent cleanses, removes germs and softens the fabric. Hence, cutting down the rigor of separately soaking, disinfecting, washing, and rinsing the baby clothes. The JOHNSON’S® Baby Laundry detergent is specially developed with dermatologists to effectively cleans stain, remove 99.9% germs* and leave baby’s clothes soft.
With a 70 year presence in India, JOHNSON’S® has been one of the most prominent contributors in building the baby care category in this country. The baby care category in India is big - approx. Rs. 2000 cr and JOHNSON’S® accounts for 3/4th the market. Starting from soap and powder, the company has graduated the Indian consumer to adopt and use products and solutions that are best for baby. 

Talking about the development, Ganesh Bangalore, Vice President, Marketing, - Johnson & Johnson, Consumer, India, says, “A mother understands the difference between what’s clean and what is thoroughly clean for her baby - and with these new products, we have tried to find her the right answer. Harshness of disinfectants and family detergents can be harmful to the sensitive baby skin and that’s where JOHNSON’S® steps in. Johnson’s Baby Laundry Detergent is formulated with a two-fold purpose - to clean your baby’s clothes of any impurities, at the same time protecting her delicate skin from any external roughness!”

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Laundry Detergent comes in two variants - Active Clean - with Natural Propolis & Green Tea and Ultra Gentle Clean - with Silk Protein Softeners. Priced at Rs. 495 for 1000 ml and Rs. 295 for 500 ml, the range would be available at leading retail and trade outlets in across cities.


*Germ-free refers to removal of 99.9 % E.coli & P.aeruginosa at 2hrs. with the help of Bacterial Removal Test.


Johnson’s® is one of the leaders in baby care with its Clinically Proven Mild products trusted by mothers and recommended by doctors for over 120 years. This heritage of trust is built upon a deep understanding of what it takes to keep the baby’s delicate skin healthy, making Johnson’s® Baby one of the most beloved brands amongst mothers in India. Going beyond safe, mild and gentle products, the brand believes in enriching baby care rituals that unlock and release the full power of the senses. Nothing is more important to JOHNSON’S® than ensuring a stimulating start and a vibrant future for babies around the world and empowering families and health care professionals. Because JOHNSON’S® knows, when it comes to bringing up baby, more is more. As an expert on baby care, JOHNSON’S® has been advancing baby science and setting the standards in baby care. JOHNSON’S® offers baby and adult products in over 175 countries.

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