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As she gently encourages her baby’s growth and development, JOHNSON’S® does the same for baby’s precious skin microflora

Importance of the infant skin microbiome

For nearly a decade, JOHNSON’S® has been leading the emerging field of study into the development of the infant skin microbiome.

Birth induces significant changes in the skin of a newborn infant, with the transition from a mostly sterile, aqueous environment to an open environment where microbes are introduced to the skin and gut.1 Along with biochemical and structural skin changes during the first few days of life, environmental microbes begin to colonize the skin, forming the basis for a rich and unique ‘skin microbiome’ that will evolve, diversify, and become established through the early years of life.1, 2

Scientific research increasingly points to the importance of a healthy skin microbiome for skin barrier function and competitive inhibition of pathogens.3, 4 In addition, the skin microbiome is important for normal maturation of the adaptive immune system, which is linked to allergic sensitization and inflammation.1, 4-6

Encouraging beneficial flora

The first few years of life provide a unique opportunity for caregivers to encourage the natural development of a child’s skin microbiome, to help optimize health.1, 2, 7

The modern rise in allergies among children is thought to be partly associated with increased sterilization of their environments.6, 8 Exposure to a biologically rich and diverse environment can help ensure the natural development of a healthy skin microbiome,6 and may encourage general immune health.8, 9 As well as the introduction of microbes during birth, skin-to-skin contact is one way caregivers transfer healthy microbes to their infant, and facilitate the development of healthy skin immunity.10

Help her choose products that won’t disrupt baby’s skin microbiome

The infant skin microbiome is delicate and can be sensitive to change.4 Repeated use of some detergents, soaps, and moisturizers that are not designed to support an infant’s delicate skin may disrupt the skin’s barrier function and microbial balance.5, 11

JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ and JOHNSON’S® CottonTouch™ products are designed to encourage routines and skin-to-skin contact, while maintaining the natural pH of an infant’s skin and retaining moisture, to nurture – rather than disrupt – the naturally developing skin microbiome.7, 12

JOHNSON’S® helps keep her baby’s natural skin microbiome intact

With our unmatched baby skin care research and knowledge*, JOHNSON’S® understand the importance of products that can preserve and promote the natural development of the infant skin microbiome, to optimize baby’s health during infancy and beyond.1, 2 

The first to publish research on the topic of the infant skin microbiome,1 we continue to conduct longitudinal studies for a more thorough understanding of microbiome development. In the last 5 years, JOHNSON’S® has pioneered and published more clinical research on infant skin than any other global skin care company.13 Our research has been used to help inform an evidence-based neonatal skin care guideline that has been adopted in multiple countries.14

JOHNSON’S® products are ultra-gentle, fully tested, and clinically proven to support and nurture diversity in the developing skin microbiome up to six months of age.7, 12 We highly value evidence-based product development, safety, and complete transparency with our ingredients. Our proven track record enables healthcare professionals to recommend JOHNSON’S® baby range with absolute confidence.

*among other global healthcare companies
JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ and JOHNSON’S® CottonTouch™ products

Use all products only as directed.

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