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Why should I use JOHNSON’S® baby products for my baby?

Why are JOHNSON’S® baby products best for my baby?  

As a parent, you're committed to providing the very best care for your baby. And so are we.

From our choice of essential ingredients to our safe, gentle and mild formulas, we've been applying the highest JOHNSON’S® Brand standards in baby care to our products for over 125 years. Today the JOHNSON’S® Brand family includes products which are carefully formulated and designed for you and your baby in mind.

Developing a new product takes years of research, review and testing. Importantly, this involves talking to moms throughout every phase of the process to better understand their needs.

Over the years, we've listened to feedback and carefully studied how moms interact and bond with their babies. These insights help us design new products that assist you with everyday baby care needs.

Our on-going partnerships with pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, midwives and nurses help guide our new product development. Beyond these partnerships with health care professionals, we also turn to leading scientific experts to gather valuable information on the latest discoveries, trends and technologies to bring innovation to our baby skin and hair care products. Before any new JOHNSON’S® baby product becomes available for your baby, it must first pass our five-level safety assurance process that adheres to the JOHNSON'S® BEST FOR BABY™ Standard.

Are JOHNSON’S® baby products 100% gentle? 

All our products, designed especially for babies, are gentle and mild. They adhere to the JOHNSON'S® BEST FOR BABY™ Standard which provide 100% Gentle Care.

These standards are embodied in our five-level safety assurance process which is guided by leading scientific and medical experts from around the globe. Proven scientific methods are used to assess the ingredients in our products and to ensure that all ingredients are safe, gentle, mild and appropriate for the baby.

Our five level safety assurance process is at the heart of our safety and care commitment to consumers, putting them at the center of our work.

Step1: Sourcing raw materials : We source our raw materials only from suppliers who meet our requirements for safety and product stewardship  

Step2: Toxicology assessment : There are over 2500 raw materials in our products and we evaluate every single one of them. Our products meet or exceed 15 global regulatory standards.

Step3: Clinical Evaluation : We evaluate and test specific product formulations to ensure that our ingredients are suitable on the skin, work well with other ingredients & is gentle on the environment

Step4: In-Use testing : With over 74000 volunteers globally, each product is carefully reviewed & evaluated

Step5: Continual Evaluation : Our safety and evaluation process never ends. Even after you bring our products home, we want to hear about your experience.

Our formulation in the market is comprehensively assessed to provide 100% gentle care and is safe for use.

Are JOHNSON’S® baby products safe? 

Safety is our priority. You have our commitment that every JOHNSON’S® baby product is safe, when used as directed.

All of our ingredient choices are supported by the best available science, as well as by research from our global team of scientists. In our laboratories, we go well beyond basic screening to ensure that we meet, or exceed, government regulatory standards. It’s a rigorous assessment process that leaves nothing to chance.         

All of our ingredients play a key role in making products that provides 100% gentle care for your baby. Our products are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

In fact, we follow a stringent 5-level safety assurance process, which we would request you to take a look at, by visiting the below link:

Are the ingredients listed on the back of JOHNSON’S® baby products pure, gentle and safe for baby? 

Every ingredient used in JOHNSON’S® baby products has undergone stringent tests and processes to ensure that they are Clinically Proven Mild and safe for a baby’s delicate skin.  For over 125 years, we’ve utilised the latest science to create safe, mild, and effective baby products and continue to do so with our 5-Step Safety & Care Commitment. This means that our products are supported by science and are recommended by healthcare professionals all around the world.

Step 1 – We are choosy. And patient.

When it comes to what goes into our products, we source only from suppliers with the same rigorous quality and safety standards as us. On average, it takes 1 year for a new material to qualify for use.

Step 2 – Every ingredient is thoroughly evaluated to be safe.

In fact, every JOHNSON’S® baby product is designed to meet or exceed the top internationally recognized regulatory standards.

Step 3 – We go above and beyond with our ingredients by testing our formulas.

Once we create product formulas, we test them with volunteers in a lab environment. Our experts test for every likely issue, such as skin and eye irritation. We work with dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, midwives, and other health care specialists to assess our products at home under normal use conditions to help ensure safety and efficacy. Thousands of families have tested our products before they were placed on the shelf.

Step 4 – We carefully assess how real customers use our products.

Products are tested for ways in which consumers might actually use them. In addition to consumers trying formulas at home during product testing, we also assess our formulas and packaging in the lab under several scenarios – extreme heat, cold, humidity and more – to ensure product safety, consistency and efficacy throughout shelf life.

Step 5 – When it comes to safety, we never rest.

We speak to thousands of mums, scientists, and Health Care Professionals to remain vigilant. We make updates when necessary to ensure that every product we make is as safe as it is effective throughout its lifetime.

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