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Our Mission

For more than 125 years now, our mission has been to create 100% gentle care baby products in the world. Guided by our mission to create 100% gentle care products - our products contain no formaldehyde, no asbestos, no paraben & definitely no harmful chemicals.


Our Standard of Naturals

Natural is not necessarily safe by itself ! Safety is of highest order for you and us.

Learn here about the standard we use for natural ingredients and how we process them to be 100% gentle and safe for use from Day 1.


Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients play a key role in making products that are gentle for your baby’s sensitive skin, hair, and eyes. It’s important for you to know exactly what’s in the products you’re choosing for your little one, so we made an ingredient glossary just for you.


Scents & Fragrances

Fragrance enhances bond between parents and baby and are a key part of happy, healthy baby development.

However it’s important to understand what makes fragrance safe and gentle for your little one.

Fragrance ingredients in Johnson’s meets highest IFRA standards, are free of all known allergens and cause no irritation or harm to your baby.


Science of Baby

We love continuously learning about babies and their unique skin needs.Get a better understanding of your baby’s unique and special needs for eyes, skin and hair.

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