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Massage For Babies

Your baby smiles when you caress his cheek and quiets down as you rub his back. You know how special these moments can be, but you may not know how your gentle touch does more to also nurture your baby’s growth and development, communication and learning.


Regularly massaging your baby helps you bond while engaging his senses and encouraging his happy, healthy development.


Learn some basic baby massage techniques and tips to help your little one get more out of his daily massage.


Your newborn baby needs extra gentle care. Learn how to safely massage his delicate skin while nurturing his development.


As your baby grows, you can add more strokes to your normal massage routine, giving you more opportunities to engage his senses, making massage mean much more. Here are some tips on massaging a baby:

Baby Massage Guide: Six Months Plus

Your older baby is active! Learn how to incorporate a little more fun into your massage routine, helping him learn and grow.

The Power of Scent

Discover how scent plays such an integral part in your baby’s healthy development.

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