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Baby Shower ( Godh Bharai)

Baby Shower /Godh Bharai is celebrated during pregnancy to wish well for the soon-to-be born baby and bless the mother-to-be with abundant joys of motherhood. Throwing a baby shower for yourself or a loved one is an excellent way to help your baby get many of the items she’ll need for a happy and healthy start.


Your Changing Body

Learn how your body will change while you’re pregnant and the steps you can take to feel your best during these special 9 months.


Before your baby Arrives

It’s impossible to remember everything that you’ve learned about taking care of your new baby, so we’ve provided some reminders about what to do to prepare for your baby and give her a happy, healthy start.


Preparing the Nursery

It can be very exciting to decorate your new one’s room. It doesn’t take fancy furniture or expensive toys to make your baby’s nursery perfect. All it takes is some thoughtful considerations to make sure the environment is safe, gentle and ready for your baby. Here are a few recommendations.


First 10 days

The first 10 days with your baby will go by very fast. We created a quick guide on how to give 100% gentle care for your newborn baby to help you focus on the special moments and worry less about “Am I doing this right?”


Feeding your baby

Feeding time is a great time to sit quietly, relax and bond with your baby. Moms feed their babies in different ways. Learn more about how to feed your baby.


Breastfeeding Guide

We know breastfeeding isn’t easy for many moms, so we’ve provided some support to help you better navigate what can be an incredible bonding experience.


Yourself Post Birth

To give your baby the best care, you also need to care for yourself. Learn what to do to keep yourself happy and healthy too.

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