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Fragrance enhances bond between parents and baby and are a key part of happy, healthy baby development. However it's important to understand what makes fragrance safe and gentle for your little one.

Enjoyable and familiar scents have been proven to improve babies’ moods, calmness and alertness, and the scent of a mother can help reduce crying.

Establishing regular routines with products featuring familiar scents can help your baby connect to the experience, and to you, more quickly.


Allergen free fragranced skincare products can provide added benefits over unfragranced products

  • fragrance-free-icon.pngFragrance-free or unscented products may not be completely free of fragrances, as there is a lack of standardized criteria defining ‘fragrance-free’
  • fragrance-icon-1.pngSome products may be labeled as ‘unscented’, but may contain fragrance ingredients that ‘mask the inherent scent of the essential ingredients in the formula
  • fragrance-icon-2.pngSome fragrance ingredients may cause sensitization or allergic reaction
  • fragrance-icon-3.pngIFRA and RIFM provide critical guidance and testing to aid in minimizing the potential of skin sensitization and allergic reactions to products

JOHNSON’S ® follows the highest standards in the industry for fragrance ingredients

  • fragrance-icon-4.pngOur products are formulated so that they are unlikely to irritate skin or cause an allergic reaction
  • fragrance-icon-5.png <25% of the aroma compounds used in fragranced consumer goods meet our strict purity standards and can be considered for our safe, gentle baby products
  • fragrance-icon-6.pngFragrance ingredients in JOHNSON’S® products meet or exceed top internationally recognized regulatory standards. In addition to meeting or exceeding IFRA and RIFM guidance, J&JCI also considers other regulations and guidance

Fragranced skin care products can provide added benefits over unfragranced products - improve calmness, reduce stress in parents and babies, and enhance engagement



The fragrance ingredients in our baby products follow International Fragrance Association (IFRA) global standards and our 5-step safety assurance process.

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