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I want to know more about the quality of JOHNSON’S® baby products

Does JOHNSON’S® baby soap cause irritation to the skin? 

Your baby’s safety is our #1 priority.

Johnson’s Baby soap is clinically proven to be mild to the baby skin and helps maintain skin texture, smoothness and softness.

It is more important that a soap should cleanse well, rinse off easily and should not alter skin pH range post wash. Johnson’s Baby soap is an unique blend of fatty acids which gives richer foam, cleanses well & yet is soft on the baby’s skin. With appropriate level of moisturizing ingredients, it does not leave skin dry. Johnson’s baby soap also passes through stringent five level safety process and is Clinically Proven Mild, which makes it the right choice for the baby’s skin.  With this, you have our commitment that every JOHNSON’S baby product is safe, when used as directed.

Why do JOHNSON’S® baby products contain preservatives?

When it comes to products for your baby, it's essential to choose only the ones made from appropriate ingredients and that are formulated to be safe, gentle and mild. Preservative selection depends on several key factors, including: the type, nature and condition of the product, who's expected to use it and how it's intended to be used.

Preservatives are commonly used in personal care products to prevent the growth of yeast, bacteria or mold. Without being properly preserved, product quality and even safety, can be compromised. Products having microbial growth, can cause skin irritation and even infection.  Johnson’s is very selective in choosing preservatives for our baby products and use the most appropriate ingredients for each individual formulation.

We work with leading professionals from industry, academia and consumer groups to research and ensure the use of a safe and sustainable preservative palette.

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