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Softness you have never experienced before

Delicate new born skin deserves only the softest touch. JOHNSON’S®cottontouch® products are designed for zero irritation. Made with purposeful ingredients like natural cotton to ensure the most delicate care for your newborn. And what’s more, all mums who try JOHNSON’S® cottontouch® products love them. The entire range has a unique, joyful fragrance that is proven to make your baby happy. Ultra-light and perfectly pH balanced to your newborn’s sensitive skin, JOHNSON’S® cottontouch® products are clinically proven to help support baby’s naturally developing skin microbiome.
JOHNSON’S® cottontouch® is the perfect way to care for your newborn’s delicate, sensitive skin.

Why Cotton?

Touch is the most powerful way you can bond with your newborn. Proven to build a stronger connection between you and your newborn, our JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® products’ lightweight feel enhances your loving touch.

The New Johnson's Cottontouch - Soft & Gentle as Cotton

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® Products

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn head-to-toe bath

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn head-to-toe bath has a velvety light lather that rinses easily and leaves behind no residue. The product is designed to leave your baby’s skin clean and touchably soft.

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JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn lotion

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn lotion is ultra-light and fast-absorbing to leave your baby’s skin and your hands with a clean, breathable feel. It’s easy to apply and keeps your baby’s skin moisturized for 24 hours.

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JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn massage oil

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn massage oil, is enriched with natural oils such as Cottonseed oil, Sunflower oil and Coconut oil. It is specifically designed for newborn’s delicate skin and is ideal for infant message.

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JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn cream

JOHNSON'S® cottontouch® newborn cream is a water-based, lightweight formula which ensures skin feels instantly hydrated without any stickiness.

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*Individual results may vary

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